Xinyi District The Xinyi Business District is the index city of Taipei . Providing convenient life and transportation.

Here has The World Trade Center and the tallest building 101.There are also many corporate companies、 department stores, and top hotels nearby. It is the most prosperous area in Taipei.

Kelti International This building has a glass body, like a shining diamond standing in the city.Symbolizes the presence of companies that shine forever like gems .

Tamsui Xinyi Line

Xiangshan Station Exit 1
walk for about 5 minutes

Bannan Line

City Hall Station Exit 3
walk for about 8 minutes

Meeting Room

A place for regular meetings and recreation.

Enjoy the View

Feeling exhausted? Take a break and enjoy the beautiful view of Taipei City.!

Office Lounge

Find the best spot for you to chill, there are plenty more for your colleagues, too.?

Snack Bar

Refuse to be hungry while working? You can definitely find something you like here.!


Basic rights are indispensable, so you can live without worries.

Join labor and health insurance according to law,allotment of 6% pension.

Daily life is guaranteed, travel itinerary has travel safety insurance, happy to go out and go home safely!

No need to wait a year! Formal employees take a break for free.

Have 10 days of special holidays in the first year, the longer you do it, the more you take it.

5 days of sick leave per year.

Happy birthday! You can only receive salary but not work.

If there is a typhoon day, you still have your salary and also could be stay at home!

Reward a year of hard work with the New Taiwan Dollars Give employees more support and encouragement !

Salary adjustment through trial period Annual performance results salary adjustment

Before the Spring Festival The company will issue a final bonus.

Festivel cakes do not need to worry about eating enough, We offer three festival bonuses!

Do not be sad at the end of the holiday! After the New Year,we will give you the red envelopes on the first day of work to greet the new year together !

Learning new knowledge allows you to work and study without restrictions

Subsidies for internal training courses and courses related to external functions to increase competitiveness.

Overseas related companies visit, and mutual technical exchanges and make friends.

All kinds of entertainment, Let’s gogogo

There are so many delicious food in the bar feeding area.

A lots of Departmental dinner & occasional afternoon tea that can’t keep you fit.

Surprise birthday party & festival activities, in addition to work, we must maintain the friendship of our partners.

An unforgettable year-end party, what do you want to dress up this year?

Free viewing of popular cinema movies.

All sorts of allowance, Provide official mobile phones according to work needs. Bank inter-bank transfer fee 10 times a month discount.

For lunch, you don’t need to worry about what to eat today !

Arrange staff‘s annual health checkup to care for you.

Happy staff travel, expand travel map together !

Wedding bonus , Birthday bonus , Maternity bonus, Funeral assistance.